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Examples of Custom Business Software Systems

A leading transnational organic chemicals company had previously commissioned a custom add-on to their multi-facility SAP manufacturing system.  When the original developer exited the market and would no longer support the add-on, TCA was called in to document the Access database and procedures as well as to add new functionality.  The timely result allows resource scheduling that is far more useful than either the original software or the SAP functionality it supplemented.

A global manufacturer of precision sensors engaged TCA to develop software to document their extensive workforce skills training and management activities.  Out of this analysis and development cycle has come our second product,

A regional mobile storage franchisor has been a long-term client of TCA.  After developing the original custom ERP application on which the company bases its entire operation, TCA has developed significant additional capabilities, including Accounts Receiveable and Accounts Payable modules, credit card/credit check interfaces and interfaces to other industry-standard applications and modules.