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Custom Business Software Systems

There are three main reasons to consider custom software for your business.

  1. A business whose processes and systems don't fit into the models that are part of standard software packages can suffer decreased efficiency. Trying to use a system that is foreign to the way your business works can be a greater drain than no automation at all.
  2. A business may have deployed a variety of standard products over a number of years and may have trouble integrating and working with the data each application generates. Regular, multi-application data integration can require significant ongoing administrative effort, which can be reduced with custom tools or reports.
  3. There are some business processes that have not yet been automated, so custom software is the only available solution.

Whatever the case, Triangle Computer Associates can help you understand the business and technology implications of developing custom software.

The submenus of this section will give some insight into working with TCA to examine and solve your automation requirements.