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Data and Database Migration

Many profitable, mature businesses have mission-critical data held in programs and systems developed over a decade ago.  Often times these systems and products are no longer supported.  Capturing and converting this data, while company operations continue, is the only path to developing secure, recoverable data.  

When it comes to data conversion, there is no doubt the best people are those who have been in the business for a long time and have significant experience with older mini-computer and mainframe systems and databases.  TCA's principals have over two decades of experience with systems ranging from IBM's  System 370 to Data General's Eclipse and points in between.  With a deep understanding of "historic" file systems and equivalent knowledge of modern web services and databases, TCA has the skill to bring your critical systems to modern computing platforms.


"Our business had important historical data on an orphaned VAX/VMS system.  TCA developed tools that lets us extract and analyze data with standard Microsoft Office programs.  This has been tremendously valuable to our firm."

 - Alan Williamson, IT Manager, Hamilton Jewelers